Issues & Platform

Congress has enough lawyers. I am the only candidate in the race with legislative experience and who has actually delivered results. On day one, I will be ready to serve and asked to be placed on the House Energy, Appropriations, and Agriculture committees. 


  • Support policy to keep people from falling through the cracks during this tough time

    • Moratorium on loans, mortgages, until we get through this initial phase

  • Increase Education and Workforce Training

  • Support Small businesses so they can hire people back once this issue has passed, and help them get back on their feet.

  • Ensure people are provided with treatments and services to prevent them from getting this disease once the vaccine has been developed.

New Mexico Economic Development 

  • Increase Education and Workforce Training

  • Support more apprenticeships, internships and more on-line learning opportunities

  • Support existing programs with proven outcomes like (Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training), which can be available at local colleges

  • Increase access to Broadband to boost productivity and incomes across the state

  • Support business incubators in rural areas and small towns

  • Partner with New Mexico’s tribes and pueblos so they are an integral part of the state’s economic development strategy.

Lower Prescription drug costs &

Protect Medicare & Social Security

  • For pharmaceutical companies to sell prescription drugs at fair cost

  • Allow purchases from Canada

  • Protect Medicare, and other things related to Medicare like protections for pre-existing conditions

  • Protect Social Security, many seniors count on that check to pay for bills to live.

Improve Infrastructure

  • Ensure every New Mexican has access to clean drinking water

  • Get funding for broadband, this is hurting our schools, our hospitals, and economic development.

  • Get funding to fix our roads. New Mexico has some of the worst roads in the country.

Opioid Addiction & Opioid Manufacturers 

  • Support to invest on treatment rather than incarceration. It’s much more expensive than treatment,  but communities are having trouble shifting those resources from incarceration to treatment

  • Hold opioid manufacturers and distributors accountable for their part in the district’s drug

  • That in turn has placed a burden on the states increased substance use treatment services, ambulatory services, emergency department services, inpatient hospital services, medical examiner costs, criminal justice costs and law enforcement costs.

Improved Support for Law Enforcement Agencies/ Community Mental Health Support

  • Building connections through community outreach

    • Crime Prevention/Neighborhood Watch

  • o Community and School Presentations & K-9

    • Police/Youth Intervention

  • • Law Enforcement and Community Involvement

    • Program Spotlight: D.A.R.E.

  • Youth Engagement Programs

    • Bullying Prevention

  • Cops Programs

    • Anti-Gang

    • Smart on Crime

    • Safe Schools

    • Value-Based Initiatives

Support our local Farmers, Ranchers and Acequias, and Small businesses

  • Support low debt finance programs to expand farming capabilities and water conservation opportunities Support and enhance current agricultural production and jobs for rural families to include:

    • Alfalfa production

    • Chile production

    • Develop co-op programs within our district strengths

  • Support in veteran agricultural and farming programs. (Example: Such as the Desert Forge Foundation and Not Forgotten Outreach)

  • Support sustainable agriculture and value-added agriculture practices.

  • Provide more opportunities for funding small businesses to allow them to grow and expand.

Support Veterans Initiatives

  • Support creation of small business loans specifically for military veterans

  • Support expansion the law that requires the state of New Mexico to award government contracts to veterans which could create $16 million dollars of growth to our economy

  • Work to incorporate the Small Business Administration’s Veteran Owned Small Business Program, which guarantees up to 90% of loans.

  • Provide more veteran support officers to help process benefits for veterans.


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